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The TripClip Effect

TripClip seeks to revolutionize the itinerary selling process by seamlessly adding a video-based component and transforming it from an exchange of information into a key marketing opportunity. Regardless of your distribution model, documentation platform or where you sit in the supply chain, we're here to add previously unattainable value - and we do it with passion!

A disruptive video tech company on a mission to drastically amplify the selling process of the travel industry through the creation of a new key marketing opportunity: Pre-Travel Visual Brand Exposure. Thanks to a triad of passions, we found ourselves at the crossroads of three major industries: technology, travel and marketing. The outcomes:

1. A world-first software platform that allows for the travel industry to effectively market their offering through innovative digital content creation, curation and distribution.

2. A business model that completely removes the barriers to video marketing, namely: time, resource & budget.

Based in South Africa, we're incredibly proud to call Africa our home and we're beyond excited to be portraying her beauty through a new medium. Africa first, soon followed by the rest of the world.

TripClip has been designed around API which will soon allow for us to seamlessly integrate into the various world-class booking software platforms that our partners use.

Meet Our Team

The people behind TripClip


Scott was, quite literally, born and raised in the travel industry. After launching a successful career in Finance he returned to his love of travel & tourism, which, unsurprisingly, didn’t surprise anyone.

He spent several years developing an intricate understanding of inbound travel whilst proudly representing one of Southern Africa’s leading Destination Management Companies. Scott’s infectious passion for innovation and value creation will undoubtedly get you excited about TripClip!


With over 12 years of experience in the travel industry, Karina is capable of planning familiarisation trips and site inspections with her eyes closed.

Not only is she more passionate about travel now than she ever has been but she’s also morphed into somewhat of a marketing guru thanks to her advanced degrees in Digital Marketing. Whether you’re a Product Provider or Itinerary Seller, you’ll certainly benefit from Karina’s distinctive set of expertise.


Melissa’s interpretive intuition allows for her to effectively materialize your clear-cut vision through her modern and global design, ensuring that your digital content is the perfect international representation of your brand.

In addition to graphic design, Melissa’s experience and skill set make her one of the most qualified experts in format design. When she’s not busy creating breathtaking designs and functional layouts, Melissa can be found in a dance or pilates studio, being inspired by movement. She’s the only one in our team that can dance without deserving to be embarrassed.


Eden’s journey into film started with nothing but a single entry-level DSLR camera and a passion for storytelling. Fast forward several incredibly exciting years and Eden has established himself as an industry-leading travel videographer and has worked with many of the most internationally recognisable travel brands in both South Africa and abroad.

Eden maintains that each destination and product deserves its own unique cinematic attributes. We wholeheartedly agree with him.


Brett is a true Creative and has been at the forefront of the digital marketing industry since 2012, mastering everything from film production to events and aerial drone videography. Brett effortlessly captures the excitement that each individual product has to offer and his editing skills ensure that these characteristics are visually amplified in a manner that does them justice.

When he’s not expressing his vibrant personality through media, Brett is either producing music or exploring new places and experiences.


Videography has been Ru’s passion and greatest joy since his youthful days of venturing out into the mountains of Mpumalanga with his older brother –video camera in hand- as they hunted for snakes and scorpions. Making films and taking photos is a constant journey of self-discovery for Ru, quenching his thirst for exploration and experience along the way.

The following words from Ru are too special to claim as our own: “To travel and to shoot is the single greatest way for me to live my life.”


A jack of all trades and a master of several, Tom’s versatile skills have been deployed across a wide range of niches within the film industry and his highly acclaimed portfolio is undoubtedly one of the most diverse sets of work by an accomplished individual in Southern Africa.

Tom’s inspirational content truly captures the essence of human experience, resulting not only in universal appeal but also an accurate and flattering representation of your product.

TripClip is a world-first bespoke software platform designed exclusively for use by the travel industry to market their itineraries or experiences.

Where to find us

Unit 3, 57 North Beach Road
Umdloti, KZN, South Africa

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Phone: +27 (0) 82 510 7771
Email: info@tripclip.world
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